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Constitution and By-Laws | City of Geelong Bowls Club

City of Geelong Bowls Club
Constitution and By-Laws

1. Chairmans report 2022.pdf (84.13kb)

2. Deputy Directors Annual Report 2022.pdf (77.04kb)

2021 GBC Function Package Current.pdf (12500.39kb)

2021 GBC Spec Occ Function Package.pdf (1197.69kb)

2022 GBC Function Package.pdf (2811.02kb)

3. Secretary Annual Report 2022.pdf (918.52kb)

4. Treasurers Annual Report 2022.pdf (79.99kb)

4.1 Financial Statements 2022.pdf (42.86kb)

4.2 Statement of Cashflows.pdf (11.89kb)

4.3 City of Geelong Bowls Club Inc Audit report 31 March 2022.pdf (118.44kb)

5. Bowls Directors Annual Report 2021 22.pdf (99.8kb)

6. Facility Directors Annual Report 2022.pdf (73.43kb)

7. Promotions Director Annual Report 2022.pdf (74.5kb)

8. Social Committee Annual Report 2022.pdf (112.01kb)

Bowls Director Position Description 2022.doc (336.64kb)

COGBC By Laws.pdf (157.07kb)

COGBC Constitution as at 9-9-2018.pdf (341.22kb)

COGBC Minutes 2021 AGM.pdf (383.57kb)

Combined reports AGM 2022.pdf (1337.17kb)

Deputy Chair Position Description 2022.docx (17.1kb)

Promotions Director Position Description 2022.docx (16.91kb)

Secretary Position Description 2022.docx (17.66kb)